Magnum XXXL 8''

  • Largest family of reflectors in the industry at 38 1/2" L x 29 1/2" W x 9 12" H.
  • 95% reflective European aluminum interior offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. The exterior is a powder-coated galvanized steel body.
  • Completely sealed with gasketed tempered glass and retention bars (Patent Pending: 12/387432) to hold glass tightly in place.
  • Maximum air cooling with built-in 8” fittings and EZ Breeze® aerodynamic junction box. Integrated socket & 15' lamp cord.
  • Bead ring to hold ducting firmly in place now included
  • Properly hung will illuminate a 5'x5' footprint

MSRP: $249.95


FNG Design